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Fripp Island, South Carolina

Once known as Prentis, then named for John Fripp, a St. Helena Island planter and surveyor. Fripp Island supports a three-thousand-acre gated golf resort and residential community.

Folklore tells us that the three miles of smooth, white beaches on Fripp Island may have borne the footprints of a legendary figure: Edward Teach, a pirate better known as Blackbeard. As legend has it, Blackbeard chose Fripp Island as his hideaway because its maze of creeks and inlets provided sanctuary from those seeking to locate him.

Today, Fripp Island is a hideaway from the maze of life. A secluded domain of tree-fringed beaches and semi-tropical woodlands. Right next door is Hunting Island, a state park that offers more natural beaches on the eastern shore. Abundant hiking and nature trails provide amazing opportunities for exploration as a family.

So where do you find this magical place? Fripp Island is located about 19 miles southeast of Beaufort, SC.